Mindfulness in the Workplace

MASSIVE shout out to Anita Marshall from Advanced Finance Solutions for recently asking me to present an online mindfulness session for her staff members. It’s no wonder this award wining team brings out the best possible results for their clients as a mortgage broker.
Mindfulness can help to reduce stress and anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and emotional intelligence, while improving communication and leadership in the workplace.
Mindfulness principles in its leadership programmes is not something new and given our current economic climate, employees are experiencing more stress and overwhelm than ever.
Too much time is wasted rushing from one task to another that we forget to BREATH and be present in the now as far as the brain is concerned, there is only so much it can handle before it shifts gears towards burnout. It’s no wonder staff become exhausted and take on days even weeks out for sick leave.
One of the feedback I received from staff were: “Thanks so much Sheb. We all loved our session and it really reminded me to reboot and being mindful and compartmentalise my life. Thank you”
  • When deciding whether you are being mindful, consider the following points. In the last week have you found yourself:
  • Unable to recall conversations has between colleagues, friends, family?
  • Eating at your desk without tasting your food leading to over eating?
  • Spending way too much time on your phone rather than your loved ones nearest to you?
  • Dwelling on past experiences or dreading the future?
  • Are you skim reading this post?
There are multiple benefits to mindfulness, including the neurological benefits that lead to increase in emotional intelligence, such as the ability to show empathy and self regulation.
Mindfulness is a learnable skill that everyone can benefit as it can contribute deeply to ones ability to deal with daily tasks effectively. It allows us to take a step back and consider alternative approaches and have a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.
Mindfulness helps reconnects us to the switch that impacts parts of our brain that regulate control and emotions that give us the tools for a more appropriate response to situations.
Don’t forget to take a deep breath and be present today ❤

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