Three of the most common myths around hypnosis

Even though there are a multitude of evidence base research on the efficacy of hypnotherapy, there are still many myths that surround hypnosis.

One of the three most common myths around hypnosis is in relation to the client not being able to step into trance. The belief is they simply can’t be hypnotised or they wont be able to come back from trance.

The second most common myth is that clients who go under trance have a fear of losing control when they have no idea of what the therapist will be doing. It’s thanks to stage hypnosis that typically these types of beliefs come about.

The third myth that surround hypnosis is the ability to be zapped towards change and the desired outcome. Some clients have an expectation that they will suddenly change when they are zapped by their therapist. This is of course is not true and not a true representation to what hypnotherapy is actually about. It is therefore important that the expectation is set right from the beginning of therapy so the client is aware of what hypnotherapy is about.

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