The difference between clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis

There are varying types of hypnosis such as clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis refers to evidence base intervention that comes with many techniques. It has a therapeutic effect on the client who is under trance.

The benefits are that the techniques used have been validated over a multitude of studies and within clinical framework. The approach is strategic and aims to alleviate pain and suffering from an emotional and physical point of view (Lynn, S. J., & Kirsch, I. 2006).

Stage hypnosis, which is mainly for entertainment purposes, can have both a negative and a positive effect on volunteers being hypnotised. Most of the studies report that the risks involved in stage hypnosis far outweigh its potential for entertainment or therapeutic purposes (Lennis G. Echterling & David A. Emerging, 2013).

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The difference between clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis

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