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The use of hypnosis with athletes is vast within literature in terms of performance enhancement and healing.

It is not uncommon for athletes to suppress their emotions and feelings following an injury. Therefore, with the use of hypnosis, Sheb will invite the athlete to release whatever may be blocking their ability to move forward without the need to hold on to past experiences.

It is essential that for any future performance enhancement to occur, athletes need to give themselves permission to let go of any ambiguity, past beliefs or negative thoughts in order to allow them to move forward and create their future outcome.

There is evidence that the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy model utilises hypnosis to expand focus in athletes in order to elicit healing, growth, and mind-body transformation.

Furthermore, hypnosis has been used for strength, physical enhancement as well as improving emotional intelligence. This type of approach is considered holistic as it covers the connection between mind and body.

The aim to utilise psychotherapy intervention in sport injuries and performance is to help the athlete control their anxiety and stress levels by giving them the tools to relax and focus by increasing the efficiency of the athlete.

This type of intervention has shown to be effective and equal to or more than other psychological interventions as a way to control a variety of chronic pain.

The issues surrounding pain management and sport performance is that not most people who suffer from these conditions are aware that hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy may be beneficial.

Sheb offers various workshops and seminars to educate and inform medical practitioners, sporting teams and coaches about the benefits of hypnosis and psychotherapy as an intervention that may be used as either an adjacent or an alternative to treatment therapies.

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