You’re Invited To Join Nourish 

Reconnect MINDBODY & Spirit 

Nourishing the body and the soul is fundamental to living a healthy and balanced life. Nourishing is something that should be practiced every day and is essential in keeping our health, vitality and peace intact. 

To Nourish is to do the little things in life that make you happy.

A space where women gather for self reflection, healing and reconnection. A place to be heard and be seen where you get to talk about spiritual and mental wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment. 

Are you ready to reconnect?

Meet the Facilitators 

Amera will share with you The Triple M of Belly Dance – Movement, Music and Motion.

Breathing through movement  and reconnection to Mind & Body Nourishes our inner soul.  

When stress and other competing priorities overtake our daily lives finding your rhythm through music and dance can provide a deep and meaningful reconnection.

Come with me, as you float on a magic carpet ride and find emotion through motion.

Belly Dance is one of the oldest dance types in the world. We will go through some basic learnings and reconnect your body and mind.

Sheb Giner, Think Hypnotic Solutions

Sheb will help invite you to explore the power of your imagination whilst teaching you self-hypnosis. 

Pull up a chair or a yoga mat and feel empowered with Sheb discussing topics such as; self confidence, self-care, overcoming stress and fear by using the power of your mind. 

By coming together and exploring possibilities with other like-minded women, you will be part of a ripple effect which will have the power to touch anyone that comes in contact with you.

Feel enriched by participating, healing, reconnecting and discover deep inner wisdom. 

Join us in a free of judgement workshop of reconnection that includes new ways of thinking, behaving and recreating the reality that you really want.  

WHERE: The Yoga Place – 6 Mitti St Blacksmiths 
TIME: 11:00am – 2:00pm
WHEN: Sunday 25th October
COST: $149

Due to C-19 restrictions limited to 20 participants only 

Register today to avoid disappointment!


Price: $ 149.00

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