Hypnotherapy For Negativity

Sometimes it may seem that you just live to go from one worry to the next. Does this sound familiar?

If so, then you are about to discover a way of getting your life back and creating the future that you desire!

So what is negativity and how is Hypnosis going to help you?

Imagine that you are wearing a pair of blue tinted sunglasses, everything that you see has a blue tint. Now imagine wearing a pear of rubber gloves and everything that you touch will feel ‘rubbery’. Now imagine burning incense and noticing everything smells nice.

Notice how the glasses, the gloves and the incense change all of your perceptions! For instance, without these, things seem ‘how they should be’ – completely natural, however with them everything seems unnatural.

Now that was a metaphor to explain a point, but what has it to do with Negativity?

Well like wearing gloves, when you have negativity, it allows everything to feel negative.

So where is your negativity and how do you get rid of it?

A part of the mind called the ‘Sub-Conscious’ is where negativity sets up camp… In a way it seems like a disease, affecting every thought and emotion, sometimes causing the sufferer to lose sleep night after night worrying about things that have maybe never bothered them before or worrying about things that will never play out in real life.

Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness – Integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can all be used to effectively eliminate negativity, however we use all three as to make sure that it goes away and stays away!

If you are tired and always regretting not doing the things that you have always wanted to do because of negativity, please contact us to arrange your appointment, to see how Think Hypnotic Solutions can help you further. Schedule your obligation free session today: https://thinkhypnoticsolutions.com.au/free-session/

You will be amazed just how quickly you will see the benefits!


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