Hypnotherapy and massage

Feel Emotionally and Physically Recharged

Sheb, who has been a practising remedial and intuitive massage since 2008, brings an experience to the Gold Coast like no other. 

Get ready to indulge your inner world like never before. A multi-sensory, holistic experience that will leave you feeling in the flow of where ever your mind and body guides you. 

This is not a run-off-the-mill massage. Hypno Mind Massage invites you to experience a multidimensional, holistic approach that combines hypnotherapy and massage in one perfect healing space. 

Listen to the soothing voice of healthy messages while being transported to a place of inner zen and reconnection. 

Treatment Menu

Each therapy session has been designed to specifically meet your required emotional state using high quality aromatherapy oils. Should you require to dive deeper into any embedded limiting beliefs and or unhelpful behaviour, a customised treatment plan can be arranged at request.  


Reset your soul and permit Hypno Mind Massage to help you get back on track with your outer world simply by acknowledging the inner world and your bodies natural healing qualities. 


It’s important to notice what you are noticing and what you are not noticing. Re-energise your senses and nourish your mind and body with this unique blend of relaxing Hypno Mind Massage to help you de-stress and be your best. 

Easy Sleep

Induce greater quality of sleep and increase your mind’s ability to concentrate better, improve your health and wellbeing by feeling rested and well recovered. As you listen to the soothing sound of Hypno, allow your mind and body enter a centred place of calm and stillness. 

Let Go

Imagine, as you continue to become more relaxed with each breath you take, your desires growing stronger and finally letting go of all things that no longer serve you.  Imagine taking back control, filtering new energy, positive thoughts and feelings as you remain like calm waters feeling confident and empowered. 

Virtual Holiday

It’s time to simply let go and unwind as you experience an escapism like no other. Alter the state of your mind and improve the success rate of your life. Using the power of your imagination whilst experiencing mind massage, increase states of energy flow such as joy and happiness. When was the last time you went on a virtual holiday?