Hypno Massage Therapy

Feel Emotionally and Physically Recharged

Sheb, has been a practising remedial massage since 2008 and has worked with over 1000’s of individuals. With qualification as Exercise Physiologist and nationally accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sheb offers a holistic approach by offering a combination of both massage and hypnosis in one treatment. This is a unique blend of technique is specifically handy well all other treatments have failed. Hypno Massage Therapy is not to be missed. 

Get ready to indulge your inner world like never before. A multi-sensory, holistic experience that will leave you feeling in the flow of where ever your mind and body guides you. 

This is not a run-off-the-mill massage. Hypno-Massage Therapy invites you to experience a multidimensional, holistic approach that combines hypnotherapy and massage combined. An approach that can speed healing and reconnection to the mind and body.  A unique and effective treatment that is tailored to the person seeking solution based therapy.

Listen to the soothing voice of healthy suggestions while receiving the healing touch of massage as you are invited to tap into your own inner resources.  

Sheb works with individuals on how to reduce stress and pain by using her signature Hypno Massage Therapy technique. A powerful combination of hypnotherapy and massage working together to amplify the bodies need to release any underlying emotional or physical blocks.

With over 16 years experience working with over 1,000’s of individual’s Sheb offers her clients a multidimensional holistic approach that can speed healing and reconnection to the mind and body.

Each therapy session is designed to specifically meet your required emotional and physical state.

Following your initial consultation should you require a deep dive into unblocking further cognitive distortions and or unhelpful behaviours, subsequent sessions can be offered at a reduced rate and a customised treatment plan can be arranged at request. 

Treatment may be used for the following:


Reset your soul and permit Hypno Mind Massage to help you get back on track with your outer world simply by acknowledging the inner world and your bodies natural healing qualities. 


It’s important to notice what you are noticing and what you are not noticing. Re-energise your senses and nourish your mind and body with this unique blend of relaxing Hypno Mind Massage to help you de-stress and be your best. 

Easy Sleep

Induce greater quality of sleep and increase your mind’s ability to concentrate better, improve your health and wellbeing by feeling rested and well recovered. As you listen to the soothing sound of Hypno, allow your mind and body enter a centred place of calm and stillness. 

Letting Go

Imagine, as you continue to become more relaxed with each breath you take, your desires growing stronger and finally letting go of all things that no longer serve you.  Imagine taking back control, filtering new energy, positive thoughts and feelings as you remain like calm waters feeling confident and empowered. 

Emotional & Physical Pain

Pain can be interpreted in many different ways for many different people. There is no one way that is best suited over the other. It all depends on each individual view of their world and how they interpret their pain. Hypno Massage Therapy offers two modalities into one, enabling an accelerated healing process to take place in the mind and body.

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