The Healing Workshop

Healing During A Time of Chaos 

This workshop is designed to recharge your batteries and provide you with tools to step into 2021 with confidence, balance, inner strength and healing. Skills learned can be carried throughout your life. An experience to remember and one that you don’t want to miss. 

Give your mindbody and spirit the opportunity to heal from the inside out and outside in and experience the joy of reconnection and healing. 


  • How Sheb beat autoimmune disease and anxiety
  • Strategies on how to fulfil your highest potential and reclaim your confidence
  • Reconnection with your energy remedy 

Pull up a chair or a yoga mat and feel empowered learning more about your mindbody and its healing ability through meditation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis.

Join us to release, unwind, decompress and tap into the secrets towards better health and happiness that are already within you.

Saturday 28th November 
WHERE: Caves Beach Dance Studio Shop 3/3 Mawson Cl Caves Beach (next to IGA and Caves Gelato – Parking entrance through Caves Beach Road)
TIME: 10:00am – 12:30pm
COST: $55.00

Due to C-19 restrictions limited to 20 participants only 

Are you ready to find the key to unlock your ability to heal? 

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What others had to say:
(testimonials from past workshops)

“It was an amazing experience that helped me reconnect with my true self and rekindled my passion in the power of positive thinking, meditation and the power of sisterhood. Sheb was incredible and her nurturing and healing abilities along with her vast knowledge and ability to guide others made this 6 week program an incredible experience resulting in great new friendships” –

“Attended Sheb’s recent Women’s Healing Circle for 6 weeks. What a fun way to learn more about yourself.
Great insight, tools and comradely with women of like mind. Totally support Sheb and her teaching a delightful woman empowering other women to take the journey of self discovery!” -D.Clark

“I went to the 6 weeks of Sheb’s “Women’s Wellness Circle” and would definitely recommend it. I have come away with empowerment tools and knowledge. My discoveries will not end there. I could speak with honesty, truth and have made positive changes. Thank you Sheb, looking forward to the next circle” -V.Sale

“I recently participated in Sheb’s Women’s Circle at Blacksmiths Yoga Centre.
I really just wanted to meet some new like minded friends and expand my knowledge of my belief of  “your thoughts become things!” I came away with so many tools and advice to empower who I am and how I want my life to look.
Sheb is a wealth of knowledge, extremely supportive and is very passionate about helping people be the very best version of themselves. –J.Harrison

“I attended a Heal Yourself Workshop with Sheb, I could not recommend this lovely lady enough, she has opened my eyes up to so many great things, she made me feel empowered and confident in myself to heal from a very hard string of events that have happened in my life, I highly recommend Sheb!!” –Kaciee Wagstaff

“Attended my first but not last mindfulness and meditation workshop , surrounded by so many beautiful people. Thanks Sheb I could listen to you talk for hours our journey has just begun  and I’m delighted to have you be part of my journey and I know you will help me reach the stars” –Tara Childs

About the facilitator 

Sheb is an accredited Exercise Sport Scientist, Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, workshop and mindfulness facilitator. Sheb specialises in covering how the mind can be trained for optimal performance and health. Sheb’s interest is to boost individual morale, increase creativity, teach individuals how to reconnect their mindbody and how to apply stress prevention strategies.

Sheb has over 14 years working within the Allied Health field as a practitioner for 10 of those years in her own practice and 4 years in Corporate as Injury Manager Advisor and Return to Work Consultant. During her journey, Sheb discovered that in order for individuals to create a positive change towards their health and wellbeing, and to improve their quality of life, they must first work on modifying their thoughts, behaviours and belief system.

Sheb is intensely curious about neuroplasticity and how people can come together to build a strong, resilient internal world with the help of a mindful practise and using hypnotherapy as a tool.

Sheb believes in a holistic approach to wellness and empowers individuals to stress less, be their best version of themselves and use their inner resources to create a better, brighter future.

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Price: $ 55.00

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