Getting Started

Make an initial appointment

Your first session allows the opportunity to experience hypnosis and confirm if the method is a good fit for you. Your first session includes gaining in-depth understanding of the issue and attempt to understand the reason for the struggle.

Most of the first session will focus on reasons why certain behavioural patterns persist so that the Sheb can determine what treatment method should be used to best address the issue.

Before starting the hypnotic induction, Sheb will discuss how hypnosis will be used during the session and provide you the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have regarding the process. Initial sessions may take between 60 to 90 minutes.

Proceed into a treatment plan

Your treatment may include an integrated approach such as Hypnosis and Mindfulness depending on the presenting issue and what you hope to achieve from your therapy.

Most people who experience hypnosis for the first time will notice changes after their first session, however it is not uncommon to have up to 3-6 session depending on what behaviours are being worked on and how long they have been standing.

For example, you may seek therapy for weight loss, but this can be complicated by your negative self-image or relationship issues. You may want to quit smoking, but your ability to quit may be due to an underlying anxiety or low self-esteem. Or perhaps you would like to improve your sleep hygiene, the relaxation techniques in hypnosis may address the reason for sleep disturbance. This could also relate to an underlying anxiety problem that has the potential to impact your daily living on an ongoing basis leading you into a vicious cycle.

The hypnotic induction will commence

Following the induction and discussion of any concerns, the hypnotic induction will commence using the Ericksonian Hypnosis method, which is considered the art of language and storytelling to speak to the unconscious mind.

This includes the use of deep relaxation techniques and metaphors aimed at helping you tap into your internal resources in order to create the changes that you would like to change.

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