• 20 Minute Pre-Screening Session (Suitability Assessment) FREE

    Prior to deciding whether or not clinical hypnotherapy or psychotherapy is right for you, you may have some questions that you wish to discuss. Your complimentary session is designed to alleviate any concerns you may have and will help you determine if hypnotherapy is a good fit for what you need.

  • Initial Consultation (valued at $210) $180

    Initial consultations may take up to 90 minutes as it includes discussing your medical history in the event there are any contraindications to your therapy. The session also includes a hypnotherapy intervention to address what you need help with. Initial consultations are a useful and valuable session to discuss a treatment plan should it be required.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 4 Consultation Package (valued at $740) Four (4) session package. Special Limited Time Offer $649

    Includes the following programs: Self-Esteem, weight loss (virtual gastric band), quit smoking, anxiety relief, breaking the cycle of poor sleep, business mindset. Most clinical interventions may take up to 4 to 6 sessions in order to obtain greater and in depth results. The reason for this is you may schedule a session for weight loss, but your underlying reason for over eating may be due to anxiety. This approach can be considered as peeling the layers on an onion. The deeper we peel away the old patterned behaviours, the closer we get to the core.

  • Hypno Mind Massage (Valued at $230) Special Limited Time Offer $159

    This is not a run-off-the-mill massage. Hypno Mind Massage invites you to experience a multidimensional, holistic approach that combines hypnotherapy and massage in one perfect healing space. Listen to the soothing voice of healthy messages while being transported to a place of inner zen and reconnection. Duration 60-90 minutes.

  • Returning Client $149

    Available for clients following completion of 4 session package should any further session's or top up's are required.

  • Advanced Ongoing Coaching

    For ongoing durability and mentorship. This will be determined on the outcome and overall goal. Each individual is unique and therefore a customised coaching package can be arranged. This will be further discussed.

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