Clinical Hypnotherapy

Many therapy approaches focus on finding meaning and insight into a person’s problem and behaviours. At Think Hypnotic Solutions, we believe that the problem isn’t the past but rather coping strategies created from past experiences that are no longer working for you.

You may have learned a behaviour through past experience that you no longer trust anyone. You will have a process gap around who you can and can’t trust today or perhaps you may find that you simply can’t slow down your busy mind. Regardless of what behaviour you present with, it all comes down to the pattern you are running in the present moment. The good news is, clinical hypnotherapy gives you the opportunity to change your old patterned behaviours that no longer serve you and recreate a new one.

After all, if you can’t control your own MIND, everything and everyone around you will.

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help?

There are many applications to hypnosis and one of the most common use of hypnosis is for pain management.
Think Hypnotic Solutions takes wellbeing in the workplace through fun and practical activities.
The use of hypnosis with athletes is vast within literature in terms of performance enhancement and healing.

Need a stress management technique that plays an important role towards your health and wellbeing?

Any personal transformation requires change from within – discover what your emotionally eating triggers are.
Addiction may refer to a range of substance use including, caffeine, tobacco, pain killers, energy drinks or over eating.
Hypnosis has been an accepted form of medical treatment since the 1950’s and its popularity is growing each day to help individuals find a healthier way to control fear and negative behaviours. This is done by accessing the subconscious mind and the individual is awake during hypnosis.

Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic psychotherapy teaches clients that their problems are the gateway towards a new beginning in their life by disrupting their limiting patterns.

It uses metaphors to acknowledge the untapped skill set and strengths a client has by meeting them where they are and taking them indirectly to where they want to go. Strategic psychotherapy leverages and reframes successful events/experiences from the past and uses that experience back into the clients conscious awareness.

Strategic hypnosis utilises a person’s uniqueness and innate abilities to create new and improved ways towards growth and positive change.

Hypnosis in psychotherapy may be used in two ways:

The key characteristics of Psychotherapy are:

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