Hypnosis Weight Loss Online

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Have you managed to acquire #quarantine15 (the average poundage taken on during lockdown)? Or have you always struggled with weight throughout your life, particularly as middle age approaches? I have no doubt that you will have tried every diet out there, every passing fad and each celebrity-endorsed product. Only to find that NONE of them […]

Hypnosis and Sport


The world continues to be gripped by the Coronavirus global pandemic. It affects everyone, including top-notch athletes, unable to physically train as they would like. Athletes require many attributes to excel at their chosen sport – practice, de- termination and skill are but a few. BUT… “Sport is 10% physical – and 90% mental.” Whoever […]

Coronavirus – Coping With The Chaos

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How To Manage Uncertainty in Uncertain Times The world is in the grip of a global pandemic. We are living in extremely uncertain times – and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. You may feel worried right now. You may struggle to keep anxious thoughts in check. And you may feel unsure about […]

Pain Management and Hypnotherapy

Pain Management Strategies, Think Hypnotic Solutions

There are many applications to hypnosis and one of the most common use of hypnosis is for pain management. Fortunately in recent times we can confidently say there has been many studies relating to this topic and the many benefits and use of hypnosis for both chronic and acute pain management has been both successful […]

Sports Hypnosis for Improved Performance

Peak Performance, Think Hypnotic Solutions

The use of hypnosis with athletes is vast within literature in terms of evidence that Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy utilises hypnosis to expand focus in athletes in order to elicit healing, growth, and mind-body transformation. Where Sports and Hypnosis Meet According to research, sports performance has as much to do with mental abilities as physical abilities. Hypnosis is the […]

Coping with Stress and Anxiety


Does uncertainty or anxiety stop you from creating your future and living your life? If so, NOW is the time you can begin to create a better future for yourself rather then focusing on the past. Think Hypnotic Solutions use a modern permissive #Ericksonian approach #hypnotherapy that is proven to be most effective for the […]