About Sheb Giner

Sheb is an accredited Exercise Scientist, Nationally Recognised and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist.

Sheb enjoys professional speaking opportunities that teach individuals how to enrich their lives, create a better future and how the mind can be trained for optimal performance and growth. Sheb’s interest is to boost individual morale, increase creativity, teach individuals how to reconnect their mindbody and how to apply coping strategies towards chronic stress. 

Sheb has over 15 years experience working with over 1,000’s of individual’s within the Allied Health Sector as a practitioner for 10 of those years in her own practice and 5 years in Corporate as Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist. 

During her journey, Sheb discovered that in order for individuals to create a positive change towards their health and wellbeing, and to improve their quality of life, they must first work on modifying their thoughts and behaviours.

“I am intensely curious about neuroplasticity and how people can come together to build a strong and resilient internal world with the help of a mindful practise and using hypnotherapy as a tool”

Sheb believes in a holistic approach to wellness and empowers individuals to stress less, be their best and use their inner resources to create a better, brighter future. 

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