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In as little as 1 session, break free from pain and suffering and learn how you can take back control in your life for good!

Strategic hypnotherapy utilises a person’s uniqueness and innate abilities to create new and improved ways towards growth and positive change. Sessions are integrated with Mindfulness. 

A powerful combination of hypnotherapy and massage working together to amplify the bodies need to release any underlying emotional or physical blocks.

Mentoring programs tailored to youth that address the many facets of change that takes place during and “out-of-school” time. Empowering youth to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and increase in self-confidence. 

  • Learn how hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy can help you change your mindset, helping you keep calm and centred. 
  • Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness strategies used to help you take back control and create the future that you desire.
  • Permissive approach to therapy that allows you to be in control and connect the dots to what’s missing and what action steps to take.
  • To get started, simply schedule your obligation free strategy call today! 
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Let’s face it, there are always going to be situations that will test the way we respond to our environment. We can't control what goes on outside of us, but we can control what goes on inside of us. The question is, are you ready to explore possibilities within you?"

Sheb Giner

If you can’t control your own mind, everything and everyone around you will.

Hypnosis has been an accepted form of medical treatment since the 1950’s and its popularity is growing each day to help individuals find a healthier way to control fear and negative behaviours. This is done by accessing the subconscious mind while the individual is awake during hypnosis.

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Coping With The Chaos – How To Manage Uncertainty in Uncertain Times. The world is in the grip of a global pandemic.
We are living in extremely uncertain times – and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with.

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By 2030, depression will be the leading burden of disease worldwide¹. Depression, like most mental health concerns runs the continuum of severity. It can be mild or major. It can last from weeks to months. It can involve anxiety symptoms as well.


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Schedule your free 20 minute strategy session today! Consultations offered face-to-face, and online via Zoom or Skype

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